Out of the Attic Celebrated Behind Glass

Dad's woodworking tools; too cherished to ever use and too important just to tuck away.

Dad's Tools.png

SOLUTION: Shadowbox them to preserve for generations while sharing their relevance to everyone today. Whether it's military medals, a sports jersey, letter sweater, Christening gown, or something as special as your mother's sewing kit or perfume atomiser and compact, let You've Been Framed create the perfect display of your most cherished family heirlooms today.

Celebrate Child's Play

Preserving your children's art through the years certainly brightens any room but also celebrates their accomplishment and builds confidence. Studies show children that explore and experience success in the arts perform at a higher level in their academic endeavors.


These white shadow box frames add interest and depth to colorful but otherwise flat childrens art. The collection makes a stunning statement and backdrop for a child's play area.