Grandparents' Farmhouse Phone Becomes a Lasting Memory


You never know where a family keepsake may take you. This project started with a photo on a customer's cell of her grandparent's farmhouse phone that was leased for over 75 years. The phone company refused to sell the phone when the landline was finally disconnected but our customer, determined to capture the memory, saved the typed number from the center dial and the local lumber mill ad with enlarged numbers to assist dialing. After our customer shared the phone's story, we used our Gallery Moments services to provide a print of the phone on aluminum, special ordered an antique dial identical to the phone in the photo, and assembled everything in a shadow box designed to emulate the utilitarian black phone itself. Protected with museum glass, the clarity is almost glare free as if you could dial out at any time. Our customer loved the result and we enjoyed creating a new family heirloom to transcend time for her. Let You've Been Framed protect and share your cherished memories from countless yesterdays today.